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Date: 2010-01-21 07:39 pm (UTC)
...Like most everyone here, I've thought of composing something of this caliber, however... Well, perhaps I still can. It seems so surreal after being here, experiencing a considerably different lifestyle and growing used to it- only to realize one day that it won't last forever. Toying between relief and guilt, it might be the best thing overall.

...In any case, sensei, I wanted to apologize for being difficult for you, and let you know that for the entire duration of our stay here, I've been thankful for your constant presence in the ever-changing nature of this world. It may be selfish, but I've respected and admired you since arriving, and I'm grateful for everything- even while I may not have been particularly charitable to all the advice you've tried to give me over the course of this past year and five months.

Regardless, I appreciate everything you've done for me and... my teammates although my near-sightedness wouldn't allow me to see your intentions in the beginning. I only wish I had been able to fully repair my team in this time and perhaps restore some of the previous regard that we had held for each other before.

Also, sensei, I've heard that your death in our world isn't permanent. Though the logic fails me, I'll continue to hope that is the case, so, good luck back home as well. I will do as you've requested of me.
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