Date: 2010-01-24 09:32 am (UTC)
[He could kind of sense that she had been anticipating something and was thrown off when he failed to provide that reaction. Kakashi didn't have time to waste on unnecessary emotional responses. If he was going back, he intended to do it with as much information as possible just in case what he learned might carry over. It was better to not waste time now and regret it later.

He had wasted a lot of time over the years.

As her words carried on, Kakashi wondered if he should stop her, cut her off before she could say something they could both have to deal with tomorrow. But that was unfair. He had said no regrets. So he would not deny her that.

Kakashi stared down at his hand, and hers, not quite sure what to do. She reminded him a little of Rin at that moment, and her confession weighed heavily in his mind. What do you say to that? What did he want to say to it? Kakashi wasn't even sure he knew. He was never sure what to do with comfort or affection directed at himself.

Midnight. He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze and tried to find words so he didn't leave her gesture unacknowledged.]

You're, uh...welcome. Tenten.

...Thank you.

[The seconds dragged on. He didn't remove his hand from hers quite yet. It was ...comforting, he guessed, to have someone there at the end. Comforting, reassuring, a silly indulgence and luxury to know he wasn't alone in what could easily be the final hours of this lifetime. He hadn't planned any great way to go out, but he had expected it to be alone, waiting, with Shiori beside him. Maybe the end would be quick--a pop or blackout, and then he would be back in Konoha. Maybe painful, like being ripped into particles and rearranged back into form into the proper space-time sequence. But he was intending to face it without burdening anyone else with whatever emotions the end inspired.

...In the end, he felt surprisingly calm.

Kakashi wasn't sure exactly what the time was. It was late. Past midnight now. And he was still looking at their hands, their laps, his bedspread, and Shiori wagging her tail and staring up at him from his bedroom floor.

From a sort of numbness that he couldn't decide if it was relief or disappointment at not having left (...maybe he could have made a difference back home after all), he snapped back to the moment, extracting his hand from hers casually and scooping up his puppy.]

Mm. Looks like they've decided to keep us after all.

[He managed a smile under the mask, and pat her on the head casually before giving one of her hair-buns a playful squeeze.]

Why don't we go see how the rest of the world is taking it, hm?
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