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[There are a couple awkward starts of dead air and static. Finally, there's a long pause and then Kakashi begins.]

Assuming this isn't going to be a week long fake-out where we're "sent home" only to come back here at the end of it all, I guess ...a little sentimentality can be ...indulged in. We might as well treat it like it's the real thing, and make plans like we'll be here a while longer.

So, if it's goodbye, then it's goodbye, Adstringendum. It's...been interesting.

And if it's not goodbye...well, it's still been interesting.

[Private to Konoha Ninja/Unhackable]

I'll treat this as goodbye. This was no mission, so there will be no debriefing--just a few parting words.

...Take care of and protect each other. Do not let your personal differences divide you. Remember why you fight, what you live for...and die for.

Leave yourselves nothing to regret here. Treat it as if you will remember, for better or worse. If we do go home, this might be the last time some of us speak to each other. We've seen some of our future, but not all of it. Say your goodbyes now; there is no telling what lies ahead in our war.

[There's a pause, as if Kakashi is going to change filters and then decides he has more to say.]

I regret it couldn't have ended on a higher note. ...Maybe, hopefully, I will be able to make it up to you, sometime. If I have done something to disappoint you, or at all failed in my capacity as sensei or comrade...[There's a poignant pause.] I am sorry.

...I have one last request for you all. ...Any information you have regarding anything back home, especially from the time Naruto returns to the village and onward, would be appreciated. Assuming we go back and remember, I'd like to believe I could do something to...change things for the better.

[Private to Team Seven/Unhackable]
Don't wander off too far. I'll see you three tomorrow, hm? Or, rather, later today...

[Private to Team Gai/Unhackable]
Behave for your sensei.

[Private to Kenpachi/Unhackable]
Ask her out before we go, Kenchan.

[Private to Anko/Unhackable]
Don't get into too much trouble. I expect you to take me up on that rain-check I promised once the war is all over.

[Private to Jiraiya/Unhackable]
...Thank you. [[He means for writing the books, and all that entails for him, and for training Naruto, but take it as you will. Thank you is a vague sentiment ^^]]

[Private to Maes/Unhackable]
[[Probably the hardest goodbye. Because Hughes has no spot on the memorial stone. There's nothing of Maes back home and no promise of maybe seeing him again. And yet... Maes has been something like a respected sensei/senpai and devoted comrade to him, an ally and dear friend...useful, helpful, supportive. Trusted. Maes should be the one that gets revived from the dead for a second chance...not Kakashi.]]

In our world, there's rarely a chance to say goodbye, so I don't really know how. But...thank you. For everything. ...I, uh, hope this isn't how it ends, but if it is, I'd like the chance to say thank you properly to a good-friend, for once. If you'd still like that drink.

Oh, and please give my regards to the Colonel and his Lieutenant.

[Private to Carmen/Unhackable]
...I'd say take care of yourself, but ...I trust you not to get caught.

[Private to Itachi/Unhackable]
I haven't spoken with you much, kohai. But if you truly believe in saving your brother from Madara, I'd like to speak to you sometime soon.

[Private to Alphonse/Unhackable]
Alphonse, any information you may have on Itachi and Sasuke could prove useful if we remember things upon our return... If you have the time.

Take care of yourself, and your brother. I know Edward doesn't remember me for that now, but...he was a good son.

[Private to Neji & Anko/Unhackable]
Mm...I guess it's time to get rid of those scrolls, assuming the blizzard hasn't made getting to them impossible.

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[He took a seat a little ways from her on the bed.]

There's not much more time. [A shrug] Can't very well afford a bad time now.

[He nods.] Bits and pieces here and there. Asuma's dead. Jiraiya's dead. I have a new team. Naruto defeated Pain. I'm not dead, the village is recovering. In brief, that's about it.

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[She looked over at him, considering the distance. It would make any last-second attempt more complicated... But she did have one idea. Last second, though, it needed to be.]

I guess not, no.

[Tenten offered him a small smile, and then nodded, back to business.]

Right. So there's two things that really should be covered.

First. Jiraiya-sama died to Pain, Asuma-san to Hidan. Both of them Akatsuki.
After Sasuke went to Orochimaru, he went after Itachi. He took a team that he put together. I don't have many details on that, it's mostly rumors, but one of them is here - Suigetsu.

Sasuke either joined or only worked with the Akatsuki for going after one of the tailed beasts. I'm not sure which. Either way, his allegiance was clear, and when Tsunade-sama wound up in a coma, Danzou became Hokage and declared Sasuke a missing-nin.

Substantiated rumors had him headed to the Kage Summit, and Naruto took you and Tenzou-san to go try to plead for mercy from the Kages for Sasuke.

[Tenten stood up, frowning, and began pacing.]

We rookies started talking. Sasuke was the Leaf's issue, and he was going to attack the summit. He might well start another ninja war.

[She looked at him, knowing full well that no one would like this next part.]

Sasuke was our responsibility. So we voted. Neji, Lee, Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Sakura, Sai, and me. The result was that we were going to take out Sasuke.

[Tenten came to a stop, facing Kakashi.]

I stood behind that decision completely, and I still do. Sakura, Lee, Kiba, and Sai were to set off to meet with your group, first to tell Naruto, and then to take the first attack. Sakura had the right to it. And that group made sense to send - If Sakura spoke to Naruto, Lee would be there to support her. If she couldn't, Kiba likely would be able to speak up, he's talkative enough. And if that didn't work, if Kiba was held back by politeness, well. Sai doesn't pay attention to all manners.

They were about to set off when I landed here.

[Her eyes flickered to glance at the time. Doing all right there, good.]

And that's the first thing.

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[He noded along, listening, committing it to memory as he would a mission, since there will be no notes or scroll to accompany him on this mission. Thank goodness he didn't have Gai's sieve-like memory. Some of this he had put together from the comings and goings of past citizens of Adstringendum. Suigetsu's previous stay, for example, though the nature of that alliance had little confirmation.

The words got more difficult to hear, though Kakashi was not one to shy away from or turn off when things get tough. If anything, he became more attentive to what she was saying, watching as she paced.

They planned to assassinate Sasuke. ...It was chilling to hear, but as an ANBU, as a ninja of Konoha, he had kill-on-sight orders before. Former comrades, even. For Itachi, his ANBU kohai. He was more afraid for them, that they wouldn't succeed. Sasuke was dangerous, paranoid, like a cornered animal. He was highly trained. He would not be as calm or sparing as his brother, either, not even for Sakura. Kakashi had no idea what the mindset of Sasuke was by then, but he did not trust his own previous understanding of the Sasuke he knew, genin Sasuke.

If taking out Sasuke was anyone's responsibility, it was Kakashi's.]

And the second?
From: [identity profile] heavenlykunai.livejournal.com
[She hadn't expected that to be his entire response. Sasuke has been his student. Then again, Kakashi had never been one to flip out about things. That was her Sensei.

Of course, that threw her timing off just a bit. She wanted to take his hand seconds before midnight, so he wouldn't really even have time to dismiss her as a kid. That was the only reaction she expected from this. A pat on her head and then sent on her way.

Tenten was going to have to talk more. Stretch it out. And she wasn't all that good at beating around the bush or sidetracking.]

The second.

You said no regrets. Leaving none. You haven't failed me here at all. You should know that. You've been... more supportive than I thought you could be. I know part of it was stepping into the gap, and thank you for that.

[Tenten sat back down on the bed, closer to him than originally. Sheer force of will alone was keeping her from looking nervously at Kakashi. He had to know what she was getting at already. But she'd been doing some very hard thinking these past couple of days, and had only come to one answer.]

It won't be the same at all, back home. We'll be busy keeping off a war, and I won't really notice you.

[Time check - just a few seconds left. Good. Now Tenten looked at him, before reaching over and taking his hand. This she wouldn't have dared do otherwise.]

But here, I have. You've been here. Every time I needed someone to talk to. And even when I only wanted it. Um. Thank you.

[Okay. Now they could go home. And she would have left with no regrets. Even if she'd still been a bit vague... Her actions had probably been clear enough. And if not, she'd never know, right?]


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[He could kind of sense that she had been anticipating something and was thrown off when he failed to provide that reaction. Kakashi didn't have time to waste on unnecessary emotional responses. If he was going back, he intended to do it with as much information as possible just in case what he learned might carry over. It was better to not waste time now and regret it later.

He had wasted a lot of time over the years.

As her words carried on, Kakashi wondered if he should stop her, cut her off before she could say something they could both have to deal with tomorrow. But that was unfair. He had said no regrets. So he would not deny her that.

Kakashi stared down at his hand, and hers, not quite sure what to do. She reminded him a little of Rin at that moment, and her confession weighed heavily in his mind. What do you say to that? What did he want to say to it? Kakashi wasn't even sure he knew. He was never sure what to do with comfort or affection directed at himself.

Midnight. He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze and tried to find words so he didn't leave her gesture unacknowledged.]

You're, uh...welcome. Tenten.

...Thank you.

[The seconds dragged on. He didn't remove his hand from hers quite yet. It was ...comforting, he guessed, to have someone there at the end. Comforting, reassuring, a silly indulgence and luxury to know he wasn't alone in what could easily be the final hours of this lifetime. He hadn't planned any great way to go out, but he had expected it to be alone, waiting, with Shiori beside him. Maybe the end would be quick--a pop or blackout, and then he would be back in Konoha. Maybe painful, like being ripped into particles and rearranged back into form into the proper space-time sequence. But he was intending to face it without burdening anyone else with whatever emotions the end inspired.

...In the end, he felt surprisingly calm.

Kakashi wasn't sure exactly what the time was. It was late. Past midnight now. And he was still looking at their hands, their laps, his bedspread, and Shiori wagging her tail and staring up at him from his bedroom floor.

From a sort of numbness that he couldn't decide if it was relief or disappointment at not having left (...maybe he could have made a difference back home after all), he snapped back to the moment, extracting his hand from hers casually and scooping up his puppy.]

Mm. Looks like they've decided to keep us after all.

[He managed a smile under the mask, and pat her on the head casually before giving one of her hair-buns a playful squeeze.]

Why don't we go see how the rest of the world is taking it, hm?


Date: 2010-01-24 10:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] heavenlykunai.livejournal.com
[The handsqueeze was unexpected, and it gave her just a little hope, even if they were going in just a few seconds. Tenten maybe wasn't just a kid in his eyes.

She gave him a full smile as they sat there, holding hands, waiting for the world to end.

And waiting.

And waiting some more.

And it was then that she realized it had indeed been a trick. Or the device talked about had worked. Either way, she'd just admitted feelings to Kakashi, more or less, and she was still here. Tenten resisted the very strong urge to facepalm. The smile faded.

He pulled his hand away and Tenten instantly missed it, wanting to hold it again. She actually half-started to reach for it before stopping herself. Kakashi's hand had been warm and just a little exciting, but Tenten started working on controlling the very strong urge.]

I guess we amused them enough. Or the scientists' device worked.

[She leaned into the now-familiar hairbun squeeze, wondering at how casual he was. Tenten didn't know if it was a good sign or a bad one. The pat... made it seem a little on the too-innocent-for-her-taste side.]


[Getting up, Tenten gave him one of her calmer smiles, even though she felt far from calm. Flirting wasn't her thing. She reached over to give Shiori a headpat.]

If you wanted to do that more, you could. The hairbuns. I kinda like it.


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