May. 29th, 2010

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[ooc: Forward-dated to after the end of the event...because I'm too lazy/busy to wait until tomorrow. -- Cass, if you'd like to either backdate a log or handwave some interaction with the chibis, that'd be cool (though I understand if you don't want to/can't now). I'm sorry I got a little too busy and distracted to figure that plot out.]

[Kakashi is regular age again, complete with mask and usual attire. Even so, it's probably not hard to connect the dots that this was the toddler-ninja if you saw him at any point while he was three. Gray hair is kind of distinctive.]

Hey, kid with the pink cow. What's the height-limit on those rides? I don't suppose I could convince you I'm not going to get anything sticky this time, hm?

Shame some of you couldn't stay little and significantly less trouble to look out for... Though I guess it's for the best that genders are switched back. I hope you didn't scar your household too badly, Gai.

...Hopefully the Animus got that out of their system again for another year or so.


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