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[The lake. Kakashi stands on the edge of the water, looking out over a clear, moonlit, still surface of water. He weighs something in the palm of his hand, looks at it, and then chucks it out over the water. The rock skips a few times before plopping under the surface. He lets the surface still, as if waiting for something.

Reaching down again, he picks up another rock, weighs this one, sets it down and chooses yet another. With more force than before, he throws this one. It skips just a few more times. There's something almost pathetically desperate in this ritual, though Kakashi is his usual calm self.]

[Muttering.] Twenty one...not enough.

[As he picks up the next rock, the feed shuts off.]

[A while later, the feed turns on intentionally.]

Maes, it's been a long time coming, but...care for a drink?
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[The sounds of paper being carefully, methodically ripped from a book one page at a time, as if trying to preserve it. Shiori "grrrr"s slightly in the background, gnawing on something.]

Hey, don't eat that chapter.


Eat that one. I die in that one.

[[...what happened to the hiatus I was supposed to be on? D=]]
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[Sitting on the bed, Kakashi's fussily fitting his new puppy (a pug) with a fashionable little blue vest with a henohenomoheji on it. Murmuring to himself, unaware the camera on his PCD is on. He's proudly wearing the bell-necklace that Naruto got for the team.]

There. One arm in. Then the other one.

[The pug yips and wiggles backwards to try and worm her way out of the vest. She scratches at her ear a little, as though trying to force it off. Kakashi sighs and picks her up in one hand. Obito's cat, Snowball, watches suspiciously, and maybe a tad jealously, from the pillows at the head of the bed.]

But it looks good on you. ...Oh fine.

[He notices the PCD now and picks it up, showing off the pug. She smiles, open mouth, tongue out, a pleased little thing. Kakashi doesn't sound any more enthused than usual. He's happy, though.]

Uh, hey. Adstringendum, meet Shiori. Thank you, Hokage-sama, for the birthday present. [Said present begins to lick the screen. Kakashi doesn't pull her away, so have a camera full of doggie slobber and close up of doggie tongue.]

Maes, it's a shame we didn't get a recording of your song, but give my compliments to the chef. The cake was delicious. And Jiraiya-sama, I'll swing by and pick up the illustrations tomorrow. Thanks.

[Private to Riza/Unhackable]
Riza...I know she's no Hayate, but if you'd, I don't know, like to come visit her...or something, or take her for a walk...she's very friendly...

[Private to Household/Unhackable]
[[ooc: I know Anne's on hiatus, but I didn't feel right not mentioning Anko...I dunno. Pretend something? You can tell him she's still out of it. She is until Anne comes back.]]

Is Anko still out? Or is she doing any better yet?
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So, Neji...I hear you're doing better now, hm?

[If he's still displeased about the circumstances that led to you being hurt, Neji, he doesn't make it clear with his voice. And sorry. Like asking Anko and Gai to the Masquerade, Kakashi's pretty lame at asking people out, even on very-much-not-a-date outings.]

I seem to recall something about an arrival, oh, just about a year and two weeks ago today... One usually celebrates anniversaries, right? ...And I know I'm a little late, but I have a really good excuse this time.


[[ooc: SO OK. I know I'm behind in tags, but this needed to get posted before it got too far away and ceased to be relevant. I should be back to a regular schedule for work within the next couple of weeks, and though it will likely still be more than I've had in the past (5 days versus the previous three) it will be consistent and at least it won't be that weird 9-5 kill-me-now thing we had going during set-up, so I SHOULD get to your tags. If there's one I'm missing and you'd like me to look at it, let me know. I know I have the recovery log to work on...]]
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[Sometime after the Konoha Rescue Kakashi Attempt both succeeds and fails at the same time. A few hours after Anko's post. It is unfiltered due to his tiredness.

Silence. A burst of unintelligible static. White noise. Nothing of note. It drones for a second, two, three...fading in and out...

.......Then the sounds of Adstring filter in. Chirps of crickets that may or may not be friendly. The distant cry of a native beastie. The hum of wind across the speaker...

The shifting of dirt as someone tries unsuccessfully to sit up.

There's a slight groan. The voice is strained, barely there, as if it is taking a lot out of him just to speak this little bit, but there is a definite effort towards the pretense of being in good health. The tone, boredom, is almost forced.]


Sorry I'm...late. I saw a chicken crossing the road and had to stop and to ask her why.

[There's a long pause. A tired sigh. Just enough time that perhaps worry has crept in, worry that, given the lateness of his post, no one will hear him. Still, if there is worry, it is masked by a dry sense of humor, as always.]

Anyone have a nightlight? It's a little dark out here.
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[After Kakashi leaves to rescue Sakura, the Hyuuga Household might discover that Kakashi's left his copy of Icha Icha Paradise on the bookshelf in his room. The manuscript he was supposed to look over for Jiraiya is on the corner of the bed, along with a post-it saying it's ready to be returned, if someone would be so kind. He's made a few notations in it. What spare clothes he has are folded and put away.

His room has never looked so neat.

There are no loose ends.]

[ooc: Sorry to swamp you with plot-related posts]
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[Audio is a dull static, like the sound of a powered-microphone buzzing and picking up nothing.

Kakashi stands in the bathroom, staring into the mirror over the sink. His mask is in place, but his face is lightly damp, as if he has been washing it. His forehead protector is pushed all the way up, over his head, to work as a headband, forcing his hair back from his face oddly, and probably not very attractively. His Sharingan eye is closed, but the scar is visible. A shallow bowl of water, the liquid just barely covering the bottom of the dish, sits on the edge of the bathroom countertop, washcloth on the bowl's rim.

Those that read human body language well will notice a tension about his shoulders; those that overlook such details might just be aware of something unsettling or exhausted about his stance.

His hands move from bracing him against the sink countertop's edge... to the cool glass of the medicine cabinet's mirror. He exhales heavily, closing his normal eye, and rests his forehead against his mirror image. For a moment, he stays there, and then he pushes off, relaxing back into an easy stance. He pulls the forehead protector down over his eye, ruffles up his hair back into place, and heads out the bathroom door.

A second later, he returns and reaches for the PCD he had forgotten about. The feed times out just before he retrieves it.]
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[Private to Gai and Anko & Viewable to Obito, since he was there anyway/Unhackable]

[In anticipation of the Masquerade, which is already up in the log comm, actually. -- Kakashi sighs, mostly in disbelief, maybe annoyance and exhaustion. How the hell did he get into this position?]

Hey. Uh, well, Obito's conned me into going to that...thing on Friday... [Yeah, go ahead, laugh.] ...and I wondered who else is going?

[Slightly muffled, as if talking to someone in the room.] Don't give me that look. I'm asking...


It's a party, Anko, so I'm sure there could be drinks, or something...and Gai, I don't know, I could introduce you to Carmen?  You two seemed to hit it off pretty well.  Maybe you could wear your towel for her.

...Uh, yeah.  Anyway...

[Feed cuts off.]
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[Private to the Konoha Ninja (minus Madara EDIT: AND MINUS LEE) & Relevant Allies//Unhackable]

If you haven't noticed by the silence already, Gai's disappeared.

[Private to Neji//Unhackable]

Neji, see what can be done about making a birthday for Sasuke, okay? If you need help, let me know.

[Viewable to everyone EXCEPT Sasuke, Madara, Deidara, and Envy//Unhackable]

Does anyone know where I can get a sword? Either made or found, whichever.

Preferable: Katana, Tachi, or Ninjato.
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[The sounds of someone shifting sheets around, piling them up on the bed as he leans down to look under the bed. He speaks gently, drawling tone somewhat coaxing, like one would to a small animal.]

Come here...

There you go. Yeah...

That's it...just a little closer...

[There's a long pause as he waits...waits... then a sudden movement, the sound of his shoulder bumping hard into the side of the bed (jarring the mattress slightly), a curse ("Fuck!") and some scrambling.]

[To himself.] Of all the...

[He picks up the PCD.] Uh...Hey, guys... if anyone wonders why my door is locked, I'm trying to keep it contained. No one open a window or door to this room, m'okay?

...The mask is kind of skittish.

[[ooc: And no, you'll not catch Kakashi without something covering his face. He's got a scarf on currently, despite the heat. He might try a towel or a bandana later, depending on what suits him (and what doesn't rebel. NO SEEING KAKASHI'S FACE. Though knowing his kids, they'll try.]
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A set of books arrive in the Hyuuga Household Main House kitchen tied together by pale blue ribbon and with a big white bow (one of those wrapping bows you buy with the adhesive on the underside) on the top.  The books come in varying degrees of wear and use, some better than others, and it's clear that they were all found items (Kakashi found them by exploring the school--see map).  He read/skimmed them all over before giving them to Neji, since none of these actually exist in his own world so Kakashi's never read them before coming to Adstringendum and wanted to be sure they were good.  There is no note on the books, save a single piece of paper which reads:

             To Neji.  Happy Birthday.

happy birthday, Neji. )
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[Private to Hyuuga Household (sans Neji, of course) // Unhackable]

Oh. We have another birthday coming up on the third, if anyone's interested in doing something for our resident housewife.

Anko, I think we talked about a cake?
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[[ooc: it was either that, or a Beach Boys lyric. Margaritaville won out. Doing this now before I go to bed or otherwise forget. So here! Have your obligatory character-in-a-swimsuit post.]]

[Kakashi stands there with an unknown (and untouched) pink drink (complete with one of those tiny umbrellas!) in a glass tumbler in his hand. Like his drink, he looks slightly pink as well, but the burn is not too bad. His headband is gone, but the mask is in place; he's wearing a white undershirt-tee, a pair of navy blue board-shorts, and that pair of Aviator-style Ray-Bans from his "timewarp" 80's scene. On his feet, which you cannot see, are a pair of basic foam+plasic flipflops like you buy for $2 at the drugstore.]

Mmm...Does anyone here have sunscreen?

[Private to Anko//Unhackable]

Hey. Uh, I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you sometime...later, or something...in private.

[Private to Neji//Unhackable]

When I get home again, I need to talk to you. Okay?


Jun. 13th, 2009 09:05 am
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As of June 13, 2009 - [livejournal.com profile] turn_a_blindeye and [livejournal.com profile] regarding_blue (Penbee's accounts) are on hiatus due to no internet at home (and a very poorly-timed case of food-poisoning) As of June 22, 2009 - hiatus has been lifted.
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[[ Filtered away from Minato-sensei, but otherwise public ]]

Well, that was fun.

Considering Kevin-kun's ...reevaluation of his own sexuality, I have to wonder if anyone else had such an enlightening event week--Or if everyone else would react to waking up in bed with someone of the same gender... with quite so much finesse.

For that matter, what are your thoughts on same gender relationships? I know we have a few here. Not everyone can possibly share Kevin-kun's rather...limited view of this matter, hm?

For? Against? Indifferent?
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[Blandly, but drolly] It's so cute when they grow up and start going out on dates, hm? You almost wish they could stay small and innocent, though.

Maes-san, I wonder how you'll ever cope...

[ Private to Neji // Unhackable ]

Neji, I need to request a favor of you.
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My NEW Chart for Family Bonding: Let me know if I have anything wrong there? (and ignore the numbers. They're just guides for me ^^)

I also think Tsunade's mama to the five red-heads that asked her:
Gojyo, Zelos, Asch, Luke, and Sakura?

Let me know what extended family that includes. Gosh, I can't even track it all down anymore.
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[PRIVATE TO Konoha Ninja and Suna Ninja // UNHACKABLE]

Kindly remember to use discretion in what you inform others of. We are ninja, after all. If you're spying, please don't talk about it on public filters--use a private, unhackable setup. If you need help with that setup, ask.

[PRIVATE TO Hughes, Minato, and anyone on the "Minato Community Squad" known to be unaffected by the event or in the body of a known ally // UNHACKABLE]

Sensei values the idea of community, and communities share and share alike, so, I'm providing you with information that may prove useful. I ask that you do the same, for myself and the others associated with this group. Due to the nature of this event, I have limited who I included in the filter.

And Alphonse, you may ask your friend the Colonel if he'll want to be included in future briefs.

cut for info )

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[Ah, payback. Maybe. Or just fun at Gai's expense.]

Hey, Gai. Now that you're sober, maybe it's time we go for drinks again, see what other kinds of shows you can put on while drunk, hm? [chuckles a little]

[A pause. Then, slowly...]

By the way...how much of that night do you remember?
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[Private to Obito, Sasuke - Viewable to Gai || Unhackable ]

Alright. Sasuke, Obito. If you'd like to train, meet at [x,y] tomorrow morning. Come prepared to use your Sharingan.

Since I know you're interested in them, we'll also go over the moves you might have seen in Itachi's accidental post, but first I just want to brush up on some of your skill-sets and make sure you're prepared to start practicing the more advanced things you'll need.

We'll start with Taijutsu...just to make sure neither of you have gotten lax, hm?

[Private to Gai || Unhackable ]

You wanted to meet Obito, here's your chance.

...Think you're up for a Taijutsu training session?

[[ooc: Fine, we'll log this. but only if youko stops gloating Sasuke, do you want to join in?]]


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