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PARADISE is a porn novel

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Name:Hatake Kakashi
Birthdate:Oct 18


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formerly used atadstringendum

» character nameHATAKE KAKASHI.
» fandomNARUTO.
» genderMALE.
» age 3o YEARS. SEPTEMBER 15th.

[ things to expect from him ]

»KAKASHI IS A PERVERT» who openly reads his porn novels in broad daylight and in front of corruptible youths. He is prone to playful remarks where sexual matters are concerned and is not above carrying on a conversation in rather suggestive language. In fact, he seems to take perverse pleasure in it.

»KAKASHI IS ALONE» whether by intent or not. He is unmarried, unattached, and the most significant emotional bond is with a thirteen-year-old teammate who should, by all rights, be dead. In his life, his precious people die, so he is hesitant to reform those bonds.

»KAKASHI IS A GENIUS» even if he generally doesn't act it. His skills as the "Copy-Ninja" are infamous in his world, and he is certainly a man one wouldn't mind having at their side in a fight, or one would second-guess opposing. Genius, however, is a double-edged sword, and like any genius, he may over-think an otherwise simple course of action.

»KAKASHI IS LAZY» and typically tardy. Do not expect him to be on time for an appointment, especially training. In his challenges with (self-proclaimed Eternal Rival) Gai, he would prefer to opt out of a more physical challenge with something like Rock, Paper, Scissors.

»KAKASHI IS A SENSEI» who once taught Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. He is technically no longer their sensei, as they have surpassed him, but he is squad leader to the two students who have not wholly abandoned him.


Interests (36):

anbu, anko, arguing with itachi, avoiding challenges, avoiding training, books, carmen sandiego, copy-ninja, ero-doujin, eternal rivals, haruno sakura, hitsusauce, icha icha paradise, idk my bff maes, impaired vision, jiraiya, konoha, maito gai, minato-sensei, my housemates, naruto, neji and lee, reading, rin, sharingan, shipping everyone, team seven, tentenxeveryone-else, tentenxsirius, tenzou aka yamato, those darn elrics, uchiha itachi, uchiha obito, uchiha sasuke, uzumaki naruto, yachiru and ken-chan
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