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[ Part of this was a message sent to Naruto-mun about Naruto's present. The other part is just junk about Kakashi reacting to giving the gift. It's not a log because of the way the gift was given, but Kakashi wouldn't actually TELL anyone about all this, so it can't be a journal entry...and I had to store it somewhere. ]

Naruto's place the morning of the 11th

There is a knock at the window to Naruto's room, but no one is there when anyone comes to inspect it. Instead, there is a slim package wrapped in brown paper sitting on the window ledge--INSIDE Naruto's room. The package has Naruto's name on the front in a black sharpie marker.

Inside the wrapping is a framed photograph and two post-it notes. The frame is simple, unfinished wood--the kind one might buy to decorate from a craft store. The post-its are basic yellow and written on in a blue-ballpoint ink. The writing isn't neat, but is legible.

"Found this photo laying around in my book. Apparently I was using it as a bookmark. Thought you might like it."

"I know it's not much.
Happy Birthday, Naruto.

The worn-out photo is of the future Yondaime (Namikaze Minato) and his student Hatake Kakashi. Kakashi still has both his original eyes. He looks...baffled at the gesture of affection shown by his sensei--a simple ruffle of his hair.

The Gift itself.

Kakashi goes home and worries over whether his choice of present is the right one for Naruto. Hopefully it is full of more happiness than sad, but he can't be sure anymore. Naruto's parents are a sensitive issue for the kid and again, Kakashi wonders if it was the right idea. It seemed right at the time, but he is never sure of his judgment on emotional things. He also wonders if he was really ready to part with the picture...

But, well, what's done is done. Seems he needs to look for a new bookmark...
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- Yondaime & Kakashi
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