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[The lake. Kakashi stands on the edge of the water, looking out over a clear, moonlit, still surface of water. He weighs something in the palm of his hand, looks at it, and then chucks it out over the water. The rock skips a few times before plopping under the surface. He lets the surface still, as if waiting for something.

Reaching down again, he picks up another rock, weighs this one, sets it down and chooses yet another. With more force than before, he throws this one. It skips just a few more times. There's something almost pathetically desperate in this ritual, though Kakashi is his usual calm self.]

[Muttering.] Twenty one...not enough.

[As he picks up the next rock, the feed shuts off.]

[A while later, the feed turns on intentionally.]

Maes, it's been a long time coming, but...care for a drink?
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[Sitting on the bed, Kakashi's fussily fitting his new puppy (a pug) with a fashionable little blue vest with a henohenomoheji on it. Murmuring to himself, unaware the camera on his PCD is on. He's proudly wearing the bell-necklace that Naruto got for the team.]

There. One arm in. Then the other one.

[The pug yips and wiggles backwards to try and worm her way out of the vest. She scratches at her ear a little, as though trying to force it off. Kakashi sighs and picks her up in one hand. Obito's cat, Snowball, watches suspiciously, and maybe a tad jealously, from the pillows at the head of the bed.]

But it looks good on you. ...Oh fine.

[He notices the PCD now and picks it up, showing off the pug. She smiles, open mouth, tongue out, a pleased little thing. Kakashi doesn't sound any more enthused than usual. He's happy, though.]

Uh, hey. Adstringendum, meet Shiori. Thank you, Hokage-sama, for the birthday present. [Said present begins to lick the screen. Kakashi doesn't pull her away, so have a camera full of doggie slobber and close up of doggie tongue.]

Maes, it's a shame we didn't get a recording of your song, but give my compliments to the chef. The cake was delicious. And Jiraiya-sama, I'll swing by and pick up the illustrations tomorrow. Thanks.

[Private to Riza/Unhackable]
Riza...I know she's no Hayate, but if you'd, I don't know, like to come visit her...or something, or take her for a walk...she's very friendly...

[Private to Household/Unhackable]
[[ooc: I know Anne's on hiatus, but I didn't feel right not mentioning Anko...I dunno. Pretend something? You can tell him she's still out of it. She is until Anne comes back.]]

Is Anko still out? Or is she doing any better yet?
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[Audio is a dull static, like the sound of a powered-microphone buzzing and picking up nothing.

Kakashi stands in the bathroom, staring into the mirror over the sink. His mask is in place, but his face is lightly damp, as if he has been washing it. His forehead protector is pushed all the way up, over his head, to work as a headband, forcing his hair back from his face oddly, and probably not very attractively. His Sharingan eye is closed, but the scar is visible. A shallow bowl of water, the liquid just barely covering the bottom of the dish, sits on the edge of the bathroom countertop, washcloth on the bowl's rim.

Those that read human body language well will notice a tension about his shoulders; those that overlook such details might just be aware of something unsettling or exhausted about his stance.

His hands move from bracing him against the sink countertop's edge... to the cool glass of the medicine cabinet's mirror. He exhales heavily, closing his normal eye, and rests his forehead against his mirror image. For a moment, he stays there, and then he pushes off, relaxing back into an easy stance. He pulls the forehead protector down over his eye, ruffles up his hair back into place, and heads out the bathroom door.

A second later, he returns and reaches for the PCD he had forgotten about. The feed times out just before he retrieves it.]
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[[ooc: I may be overplaying my hand here with this scene.*shrugs.* Kakashi only gets one voice from the past scene from me, and he hasn’t had a journal entry in a while, so I had to make it a whopper. Regardless, for those unfamiliar with the story of Naruto and/or Kakashi-Gaiden (back-story), this may be a mess. For those familiar, I hope this achieves its desired effect and is not nearly as clumsy as it sometimes felt when writing it.]]

[The view through the video feed of the PCD is as if down a darkened corridor with a bright light at the end, Kakashi’s form obscuring part of this, and it backlights his hair in an odd silhouette. Judging by the skewed perspective on Kakashi’s hand—seen reaching toward the camera—and on his face (which is looking faintly miffed down the “corridor” at the PCD), the device has fallen behind something and Kakashi has been thus far unsuccessful in his lackluster attempts to fish it out. Considering he hasn’t been trying hard to retrieve the device, one might guess the audio memories haven’t been playing long. Kakashi sighs and rests his forehead on the wall.]

[Against the backdrop of Kakashi’s frustration is the haunting echo of a baby crying. It sounds pained and lonely, crying out for a mother or father who is not there to hold it. Such a pitiful sound, relentless, as most babies’ cries, but this one sounds especially tortured…as if the soul is facing demons within.]

…Don’t know how much time has passed. All I know is that it feels like forever… )


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