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[Sitting on the bed, Kakashi's fussily fitting his new puppy (a pug) with a fashionable little blue vest with a henohenomoheji on it. Murmuring to himself, unaware the camera on his PCD is on. He's proudly wearing the bell-necklace that Naruto got for the team.]

There. One arm in. Then the other one.

[The pug yips and wiggles backwards to try and worm her way out of the vest. She scratches at her ear a little, as though trying to force it off. Kakashi sighs and picks her up in one hand. Obito's cat, Snowball, watches suspiciously, and maybe a tad jealously, from the pillows at the head of the bed.]

But it looks good on you. ...Oh fine.

[He notices the PCD now and picks it up, showing off the pug. She smiles, open mouth, tongue out, a pleased little thing. Kakashi doesn't sound any more enthused than usual. He's happy, though.]

Uh, hey. Adstringendum, meet Shiori. Thank you, Hokage-sama, for the birthday present. [Said present begins to lick the screen. Kakashi doesn't pull her away, so have a camera full of doggie slobber and close up of doggie tongue.]

Maes, it's a shame we didn't get a recording of your song, but give my compliments to the chef. The cake was delicious. And Jiraiya-sama, I'll swing by and pick up the illustrations tomorrow. Thanks.

[Private to Riza/Unhackable]
Riza...I know she's no Hayate, but if you'd, I don't know, like to come visit her...or something, or take her for a walk...she's very friendly...

[Private to Household/Unhackable]
[[ooc: I know Anne's on hiatus, but I didn't feel right not mentioning Anko...I dunno. Pretend something? You can tell him she's still out of it. She is until Anne comes back.]]

Is Anko still out? Or is she doing any better yet?
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A set of books arrive in the Hyuuga Household Main House kitchen tied together by pale blue ribbon and with a big white bow (one of those wrapping bows you buy with the adhesive on the underside) on the top.  The books come in varying degrees of wear and use, some better than others, and it's clear that they were all found items (Kakashi found them by exploring the school--see map).  He read/skimmed them all over before giving them to Neji, since none of these actually exist in his own world so Kakashi's never read them before coming to Adstringendum and wanted to be sure they were good.  There is no note on the books, save a single piece of paper which reads:

             To Neji.  Happy Birthday.

happy birthday, Neji. )
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[Private to Hyuuga Household (sans Neji, of course) // Unhackable]

Oh. We have another birthday coming up on the third, if anyone's interested in doing something for our resident housewife.

Anko, I think we talked about a cake?
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[[posted early, just so I don't forget]]

OOC: HYUUGA HOUSEHOLD - Morning of February 10th

Obito will wake up to find a note on Kakahsi's pillow ("Happy Birthday, Obi."), and Snowball the kitten now sports a handsome blue vest with an Uchiha fan on the back (reminiscent of the vests Kakashi's dogs wear...except this one replaces the Henohenomoheji with the Uchiha fan). It may or may not be pleased with its new attire. There is also a new blanket in the kitten's corner to make it cozy.

The Household will discover the smell of burned chocolate cake in the kitchen, along with a few open windows in the community parts of the house (ie kitchen, dining room, livingroom, etc) in order to disperse the scent. The charred cake remains are in the trash and a mess of vanilla icing (which is actually quite tasty and well-made) is in a mixing bowl on the counter. The kitchen is otherwise spotless, exactly as Neji left it following dinner.

If asked, the culprit Kakashi will certainly NOT claim responsibility and will instead blame the burned cake on Neji, saying the Hyuuga 'must have been distracted momentarily by his fiance.'

A chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing and a single birthday candle in it will ninja-ly appear in the kitchen by mid-morning, to make up for the ruined cake. It literally has Obito's name on it, in orange icing.

After that, Kakashi's day will (unspokenly) be whatever Obito wants to do, within reason, which could include: a very light training session, playing with/training that darn cat of his, or going places around the safezone, etc.
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[ Private to Neji // Pretty Darn Highly Unhackable, just because ]

Oh, I'm sure you remember, Neji, but just in case you're busy and happened to forget, a friendly reminder:

Your boyfriend's birthday is on Thursday.

...This upcoming Thursday. Maybe we can arrange something nice for him? A cake? Or a nicely wrapped-up present? A Hyuuga, perhaps?

In the event you two want to do something...alone...I'm sure the "children" and I can go out for a while and have a snackrifice or two and let you two celebrate like grown-ups.

You think a couple hours would be long enough, or should we arrange to spend the night elsewhere?

(( ooc: I'll be online later as usual. I just thought of this while we were making Thanksgiving Day dinner plans and, well, cannot be neglecting my favorite character or neglect a chance at teasing the boys!

*giggles!* Lee's b-day is Thanksgiving! Give him something to really be thankful for, Neji! >D ))
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[ Part of this was a message sent to Naruto-mun about Naruto's present. The other part is just junk about Kakashi reacting to giving the gift. It's not a log because of the way the gift was given, but Kakashi wouldn't actually TELL anyone about all this, so it can't be a journal entry...and I had to store it somewhere. ]

Naruto's place the morning of the 11th

There is a knock at the window to Naruto's room, but no one is there when anyone comes to inspect it. Instead, there is a slim package wrapped in brown paper sitting on the window ledge--INSIDE Naruto's room. The package has Naruto's name on the front in a black sharpie marker.

Inside the wrapping is a framed photograph and two post-it notes. The frame is simple, unfinished wood--the kind one might buy to decorate from a craft store. The post-its are basic yellow and written on in a blue-ballpoint ink. The writing isn't neat, but is legible.

"Found this photo laying around in my book. Apparently I was using it as a bookmark. Thought you might like it."

"I know it's not much.
Happy Birthday, Naruto.

The worn-out photo is of the future Yondaime (Namikaze Minato) and his student Hatake Kakashi. Kakashi still has both his original eyes. He looks...baffled at the gesture of affection shown by his sensei--a simple ruffle of his hair.

The Gift itself.

Kakashi goes home and worries over whether his choice of present is the right one for Naruto. Hopefully it is full of more happiness than sad, but he can't be sure anymore. Naruto's parents are a sensitive issue for the kid and again, Kakashi wonders if it was the right idea. It seemed right at the time, but he is never sure of his judgment on emotional things. He also wonders if he was really ready to part with the picture...

But, well, what's done is done. Seems he needs to look for a new bookmark...
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Naruto, would you be willing to spar with Obito this Friday? He needs to train with someone closer to his age. We can work on your training too, if you want. Or sit by the lake while I give him something to do. [strikes private to Naruto]

[ Private To Neji // Unhackable ]

Hm... I think there's an important event coming up on the 10th.
Can you come up with something like a cake (or ramen might do) by then?

And you're in charge of planning, invitations, whatever you do. I have no ideas. Maybe Obito can come up with games. He's good at parties.
But keep it to yourself.

And if anyone asks, this was your idea.

[ Private To Obito // Unhackable ]

I'll...tell you in person. But it's not really going to be training.

[[ooc: god, Kakashi. That's a boring excuse for distracting him. Somehow bonding time seemed like a good idea a second ago...]]


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