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[The sound of running over rooftops. Kakashi's voice is cool under pressure, though it's clear to anyone who has heard him in battle, this is more than just his usual calm reaction to things. There's a definite edge of fear to his voice if you listen for it, as clearly one of his precious people happens to be in danger of dying. But on the surface, he's firm and authoritative, a ninja formulating his plan of action and acting on it with a (hopefully) level head, as panic, worry...emotion should be kept out of things...]

Sakura, I'm going to require your assistance with Obito. He appears to be severely injured, lacerations, broken bones, possibly worse. His eye may be damaged. Grab your supplies and be prepared to meet me there. I'll get you the coordinates just as soon as Neji locates him. Be careful. It appears this place is more dangerous than usual out here. Buildings are disappearing...

[[ooc: I hope you don't mind, Sakura-mun... Um, sorry I didn't ask you while you were on. I actually didn't think of it much until we actually started on this incident...but as a teammate, she's a logical and trustworthy medical person for Kakashi to call upon.]]


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