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[Private to the Konoha Ninja (minus Madara EDIT: AND MINUS LEE) & Relevant Allies//Unhackable]

If you haven't noticed by the silence already, Gai's disappeared.

[Private to Neji//Unhackable]

Neji, see what can be done about making a birthday for Sasuke, okay? If you need help, let me know.

[Viewable to everyone EXCEPT Sasuke, Madara, Deidara, and Envy//Unhackable]

Does anyone know where I can get a sword? Either made or found, whichever.

Preferable: Katana, Tachi, or Ninjato.
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A set of books arrive in the Hyuuga Household Main House kitchen tied together by pale blue ribbon and with a big white bow (one of those wrapping bows you buy with the adhesive on the underside) on the top.  The books come in varying degrees of wear and use, some better than others, and it's clear that they were all found items (Kakashi found them by exploring the school--see map).  He read/skimmed them all over before giving them to Neji, since none of these actually exist in his own world so Kakashi's never read them before coming to Adstringendum and wanted to be sure they were good.  There is no note on the books, save a single piece of paper which reads:

             To Neji.  Happy Birthday.

happy birthday, Neji. )
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[Private to Hyuuga Household (sans Neji, of course) // Unhackable]

Oh. We have another birthday coming up on the third, if anyone's interested in doing something for our resident housewife.

Anko, I think we talked about a cake?
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[[ooc: it was either that, or a Beach Boys lyric. Margaritaville won out. Doing this now before I go to bed or otherwise forget. So here! Have your obligatory character-in-a-swimsuit post.]]

[Kakashi stands there with an unknown (and untouched) pink drink (complete with one of those tiny umbrellas!) in a glass tumbler in his hand. Like his drink, he looks slightly pink as well, but the burn is not too bad. His headband is gone, but the mask is in place; he's wearing a white undershirt-tee, a pair of navy blue board-shorts, and that pair of Aviator-style Ray-Bans from his "timewarp" 80's scene. On his feet, which you cannot see, are a pair of basic foam+plasic flipflops like you buy for $2 at the drugstore.]

Mmm...Does anyone here have sunscreen?

[Private to Anko//Unhackable]

Hey. Uh, I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you sometime...later, or something...in private.

[Private to Neji//Unhackable]

When I get home again, I need to talk to you. Okay?
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[[ Filtered away from Minato-sensei, but otherwise public ]]

Well, that was fun.

Considering Kevin-kun's ...reevaluation of his own sexuality, I have to wonder if anyone else had such an enlightening event week--Or if everyone else would react to waking up in bed with someone of the same gender... with quite so much finesse.

For that matter, what are your thoughts on same gender relationships? I know we have a few here. Not everyone can possibly share Kevin-kun's rather...limited view of this matter, hm?

For? Against? Indifferent?
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[Blandly, but drolly] It's so cute when they grow up and start going out on dates, hm? You almost wish they could stay small and innocent, though.

Maes-san, I wonder how you'll ever cope...

[ Private to Neji // Unhackable ]

Neji, I need to request a favor of you.
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[PRIVATE TO Konoha Ninja and Suna Ninja // UNHACKABLE]

Kindly remember to use discretion in what you inform others of. We are ninja, after all. If you're spying, please don't talk about it on public filters--use a private, unhackable setup. If you need help with that setup, ask.

[PRIVATE TO Hughes, Minato, and anyone on the "Minato Community Squad" known to be unaffected by the event or in the body of a known ally // UNHACKABLE]

Sensei values the idea of community, and communities share and share alike, so, I'm providing you with information that may prove useful. I ask that you do the same, for myself and the others associated with this group. Due to the nature of this event, I have limited who I included in the filter.

And Alphonse, you may ask your friend the Colonel if he'll want to be included in future briefs.

cut for info )

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[Ah, payback. Maybe. Or just fun at Gai's expense.]

Hey, Gai. Now that you're sober, maybe it's time we go for drinks again, see what other kinds of shows you can put on while drunk, hm? [chuckles a little]

[A pause. Then, slowly...]

By the way...how much of that night do you remember?
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Uh, Kazekage-sama...

The books you requested are all set up for you, whenever you decide you'd like to borrow them. I have a lesson plan all ready. Now, you'll need to read them thoroughly, and if you have any questions, I'm sure your current housemate--Jiraiya-sama--is more than capable of answering anything. He's naturally an expert in this field.

As for the books, just keep them safe and in the same condition they were lent to you.

Porn is such a rare commodity these days, after all.
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OOC: It looks like I'm doing a lot of "gift" posts this month...

For Valentines
All gifts to arrive on Valentine's Day morning.

Yachiru gets a whole slew of sweets, as is typical for any holiday, including a box of conversation hearts. She also gets a valentine like the kind kids give each other in elementary school.

Kakashi's students (all three of them), his sensei, as well as Neji, Lee, and Kenpachi, get conversation hearts of the not-so-tame variety. Just for giggles. They also get a silly, kiddie valentine (because if you get a box, you usually get about 25...might as well put them to use!)

Kakashi wasn't going to get him anything, but since Obito got Kakashi something, he's got to return the favor. Obito gets a teddy....a Vermont Teddy Bear, perverts. Kakashi just, uh, happened to have it lying around in a drawer somewhere. Alright, maybe he saw it in a store display and it said 'take me home with you!' He couldn't resist. Again, silly kiddie valentine accompanies the gift. No conversation hearts, though. The bear is enough.

Itachi gets nothing. He's just special like that and oh-so-loved. Actually considered a rose with many thorns, or some such for some sort of irony's sake, but it really wasn't that clever, and was a tad too...silly, so Kakashi and I passed on it.
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[[posted early, just so I don't forget]]

OOC: HYUUGA HOUSEHOLD - Morning of February 10th

Obito will wake up to find a note on Kakahsi's pillow ("Happy Birthday, Obi."), and Snowball the kitten now sports a handsome blue vest with an Uchiha fan on the back (reminiscent of the vests Kakashi's dogs wear...except this one replaces the Henohenomoheji with the Uchiha fan). It may or may not be pleased with its new attire. There is also a new blanket in the kitten's corner to make it cozy.

The Household will discover the smell of burned chocolate cake in the kitchen, along with a few open windows in the community parts of the house (ie kitchen, dining room, livingroom, etc) in order to disperse the scent. The charred cake remains are in the trash and a mess of vanilla icing (which is actually quite tasty and well-made) is in a mixing bowl on the counter. The kitchen is otherwise spotless, exactly as Neji left it following dinner.

If asked, the culprit Kakashi will certainly NOT claim responsibility and will instead blame the burned cake on Neji, saying the Hyuuga 'must have been distracted momentarily by his fiance.'

A chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing and a single birthday candle in it will ninja-ly appear in the kitchen by mid-morning, to make up for the ruined cake. It literally has Obito's name on it, in orange icing.

After that, Kakashi's day will (unspokenly) be whatever Obito wants to do, within reason, which could include: a very light training session, playing with/training that darn cat of his, or going places around the safezone, etc.
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[The sound of running over rooftops. Kakashi's voice is cool under pressure, though it's clear to anyone who has heard him in battle, this is more than just his usual calm reaction to things. There's a definite edge of fear to his voice if you listen for it, as clearly one of his precious people happens to be in danger of dying. But on the surface, he's firm and authoritative, a ninja formulating his plan of action and acting on it with a (hopefully) level head, as panic, worry...emotion should be kept out of things...]

Sakura, I'm going to require your assistance with Obito. He appears to be severely injured, lacerations, broken bones, possibly worse. His eye may be damaged. Grab your supplies and be prepared to meet me there. I'll get you the coordinates just as soon as Neji locates him. Be careful. It appears this place is more dangerous than usual out here. Buildings are disappearing...

[[ooc: I hope you don't mind, Sakura-mun... Um, sorry I didn't ask you while you were on. I actually didn't think of it much until we actually started on this incident...but as a teammate, she's a logical and trustworthy medical person for Kakashi to call upon.]]
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Well, Santa thinks I've been a good boy this year... Or maybe very naughty. Either way...thanks.


I wonder if you're all trying to tell me something, hm?

And guys, I promise to keep the porn in my room. Well, the new stuff, at least.

...Hm...I don't think I'm coming out for a while, actually...

OOC : Gift list. )
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[ Private to Neji // Pretty Darn Highly Unhackable, just because ]

Oh, I'm sure you remember, Neji, but just in case you're busy and happened to forget, a friendly reminder:

Your boyfriend's birthday is on Thursday.

...This upcoming Thursday. Maybe we can arrange something nice for him? A cake? Or a nicely wrapped-up present? A Hyuuga, perhaps?

In the event you two want to do something...alone...I'm sure the "children" and I can go out for a while and have a snackrifice or two and let you two celebrate like grown-ups.

You think a couple hours would be long enough, or should we arrange to spend the night elsewhere?

(( ooc: I'll be online later as usual. I just thought of this while we were making Thanksgiving Day dinner plans and, well, cannot be neglecting my favorite character or neglect a chance at teasing the boys!

*giggles!* Lee's b-day is Thanksgiving! Give him something to really be thankful for, Neji! >D ))
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[ Private to Neji // Unhackable ]

By the way, Neji, how are we on available space?

I know someone interested in a room.
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Naruto, would you be willing to spar with Obito this Friday? He needs to train with someone closer to his age. We can work on your training too, if you want. Or sit by the lake while I give him something to do. [strikes private to Naruto]

[ Private To Neji // Unhackable ]

Hm... I think there's an important event coming up on the 10th.
Can you come up with something like a cake (or ramen might do) by then?

And you're in charge of planning, invitations, whatever you do. I have no ideas. Maybe Obito can come up with games. He's good at parties.
But keep it to yourself.

And if anyone asks, this was your idea.

[ Private To Obito // Unhackable ]

I'll...tell you in person. But it's not really going to be training.

[[ooc: god, Kakashi. That's a boring excuse for distracting him. Somehow bonding time seemed like a good idea a second ago...]]
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[The voice is feminine, slightly higher than his usual, but still definitely that lazy, tired sound one associates with Kakashi. He/She's doesn't sound too thrilled with this prospect, but he/she is raising no hell about it either.]

Oh...I think I see what the fuss is about now.
I didn't even make fun of anyone.

One would think it'd be nice to be a woman. For obvious reasons.
[unamused] But the assets aren't as great as I thought they'd be.

[A long pause, then under his breath]

At least it isn't apparently that time of month.

[[ooc: If anyone sees Kakashi out and about as a girl--he's not hiding any more than he usually does, despite not exactly liking this change of form--he's a tall, thin-ish woman of light athletic build in her late twenties with her silvery hair in a ponytail, a shock of messy, triangular bangs that fall over the left eye. Her eyes have a hooded, sleepy quality to them and most of her face is still hidden in the mask. She's still dressed in something akin to a jounin costume--loose, dark blue shirt and baggy pants. No vest. It does nothing to show off her assets...however much or little she may have.]]
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[A male voice, sounding something like it is bored, tired, and only slightly amused, comes through after a moment of static. The first sound you hear is a curious 'hm' and then he begins to speak.]

Hatake Kakashi, here.

Sorry I'm late.
I was so busy thinking of excuses, I lost track of time.

So, I've been wandering around this place and I haven't found the bookstore yet. [He sounds almost like he's smiling.] I don't suppose someone would be kind enough to direct me to where you keep the porn, now would you? (...Naruto? Sasuke? ...Any takers?)


And where I can find a room would be nice too.

Porn. Food. Shower. Bed.
In that order, preferably.

Please and thank you.

[A long pause, then, as an afterthought.]

By the way...Neji, how did it go finding Lee?


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