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[[ This post actually is meant to take place the night the event is ending, so consider it dated as tomorrow, Sat. the 14th. But I'm impatient. Sorry? ]]

[Kakashi's bedroom, formerly the one he shared with Obito. The PCD sits in a hamper of clothing at the end of the bed. Kakashi himself is reclined on the bed, dark circles around his visible eye as he looks to his left at a chair. No one sits in the chair, but he looks at it semi-interestedly, as if listening to someone1 speak.]

[Kakashi is relatively calm, but his usual tone is marked by something a bit frazzled and impatient, probably due to lack of sleep.]

Mm hm. I understand that sleep might do me some good...

[A pause. Then, dismissive, as his gaze flickers to the foot of the bed, to someone2 who supposedly is sitting there. No one is there.]

--No, I really don't care how un-youthful this is.

[A sigh. An eyeroll.] I'm not susceptible to challenges like you are. But... [He smiles beneath the mask and leans forward.] ...if you want me to sleep so badly, maybe you should find me something to sleep with...?

[He hears someone3 respond and raises a brow, turning his head quickly and following with his gaze as something only he can see moves beside him on the right.] I didn't mean...yeah, the bear is fine, Obi.

[He fondly picks up the bear he gifted Obito at Valentine's. Then, frowning slightly at the space on his right about shoulder-high--the height of a short thirteen year old boy...]

Don't give me that look.

...There's just no point trying to sleep if I can't...

[He shakes his head a few times as if disagreeing with someone, briefly putting up a hand as if to stop an impending Obito hug.]

No. No, I'm fine. And you can't make that promise. You won't be here when I wake up.

None of you will be. [He looks out past the hamper at someone4 and his hold on the bear tightens a little as he yawns.]

Right, Dad?

[[The first three you've seen before... 1: [Bad username or site: flash-of-yellow title= @ livejournal.com], aka Kakashi's sensei. 2: [Bad username or site: hotbloodedly title= @ livejournal.com], Kakashi's Rival. 3: [Bad username or site: live-memory title= @ livejournal.com], Kakashi's teammate. The fourth has never been here, and likely never will be (he's too minor a character to justify playing), but he's Hatake Sakumo, Kakashi's father.]]
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[Kakashi leaves a note for the household that he's going out for a walk.

When the PCD turns on, he's sitting alone at the graveyard; it's dark and cloudy overhead. The graves are all empty and the names are worn to anonymity, though it is clear they once bore names. Kakashi is alone, tracing the names on the headstone in front of him as if he can see the words. Maybe he's tracing other names, ones from a different stone, not present in this world, on which there were names he knew too well. He sighs, as if at the end of a failed attempt to find the words for something.]

It used to be so easy to talk like this...

[He shakes his head and settles back against the stone.]

Maybe I'll have something better for you tomorrow, hm? In the meantime, I'll just stay here, keep you company. No one's waiting up for me.


...I guess that means it's back to normal, then.
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[The sounds of paper being carefully, methodically ripped from a book one page at a time, as if trying to preserve it. Shiori "grrrr"s slightly in the background, gnawing on something.]

Hey, don't eat that chapter.


Eat that one. I die in that one.

[[...what happened to the hiatus I was supposed to be on? D=]]
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[Sitting on the bed, Kakashi's fussily fitting his new puppy (a pug) with a fashionable little blue vest with a henohenomoheji on it. Murmuring to himself, unaware the camera on his PCD is on. He's proudly wearing the bell-necklace that Naruto got for the team.]

There. One arm in. Then the other one.

[The pug yips and wiggles backwards to try and worm her way out of the vest. She scratches at her ear a little, as though trying to force it off. Kakashi sighs and picks her up in one hand. Obito's cat, Snowball, watches suspiciously, and maybe a tad jealously, from the pillows at the head of the bed.]

But it looks good on you. ...Oh fine.

[He notices the PCD now and picks it up, showing off the pug. She smiles, open mouth, tongue out, a pleased little thing. Kakashi doesn't sound any more enthused than usual. He's happy, though.]

Uh, hey. Adstringendum, meet Shiori. Thank you, Hokage-sama, for the birthday present. [Said present begins to lick the screen. Kakashi doesn't pull her away, so have a camera full of doggie slobber and close up of doggie tongue.]

Maes, it's a shame we didn't get a recording of your song, but give my compliments to the chef. The cake was delicious. And Jiraiya-sama, I'll swing by and pick up the illustrations tomorrow. Thanks.

[Private to Riza/Unhackable]
Riza...I know she's no Hayate, but if you'd, I don't know, like to come visit her...or something, or take her for a walk...she's very friendly...

[Private to Household/Unhackable]
[[ooc: I know Anne's on hiatus, but I didn't feel right not mentioning Anko...I dunno. Pretend something? You can tell him she's still out of it. She is until Anne comes back.]]

Is Anko still out? Or is she doing any better yet?
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[Blandly, but drolly] It's so cute when they grow up and start going out on dates, hm? You almost wish they could stay small and innocent, though.

Maes-san, I wonder how you'll ever cope...

[ Private to Neji // Unhackable ]

Neji, I need to request a favor of you.
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[Private to Obito, Sasuke - Viewable to Gai || Unhackable ]

Alright. Sasuke, Obito. If you'd like to train, meet at [x,y] tomorrow morning. Come prepared to use your Sharingan.

Since I know you're interested in them, we'll also go over the moves you might have seen in Itachi's accidental post, but first I just want to brush up on some of your skill-sets and make sure you're prepared to start practicing the more advanced things you'll need.

We'll start with Taijutsu...just to make sure neither of you have gotten lax, hm?

[Private to Gai || Unhackable ]

You wanted to meet Obito, here's your chance.

...Think you're up for a Taijutsu training session?

[[ooc: Fine, we'll log this. but only if youko stops gloating Sasuke, do you want to join in?]]
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((ooc: we'll say this is before Gai's dreamscape-visit, whenever, if-ever, it is <3 just to be safe))

[sighs. he sounds tired] Hey. Has anyone conclusively determined if napping during the day helps to...uh, not not have people visit your head? Or do we just have to be asleep for it to happen?

Also, Gai whenever this event is over--and we're all properly rested--you think you'd like to show Obito some of your techniques?

I can't very well let him copy off me all the time, hm?
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Uh, Kazekage-sama...

The books you requested are all set up for you, whenever you decide you'd like to borrow them. I have a lesson plan all ready. Now, you'll need to read them thoroughly, and if you have any questions, I'm sure your current housemate--Jiraiya-sama--is more than capable of answering anything. He's naturally an expert in this field.

As for the books, just keep them safe and in the same condition they were lent to you.

Porn is such a rare commodity these days, after all.
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OOC: It looks like I'm doing a lot of "gift" posts this month...

For Valentines
All gifts to arrive on Valentine's Day morning.

Yachiru gets a whole slew of sweets, as is typical for any holiday, including a box of conversation hearts. She also gets a valentine like the kind kids give each other in elementary school.

Kakashi's students (all three of them), his sensei, as well as Neji, Lee, and Kenpachi, get conversation hearts of the not-so-tame variety. Just for giggles. They also get a silly, kiddie valentine (because if you get a box, you usually get about 25...might as well put them to use!)

Kakashi wasn't going to get him anything, but since Obito got Kakashi something, he's got to return the favor. Obito gets a teddy....a Vermont Teddy Bear, perverts. Kakashi just, uh, happened to have it lying around in a drawer somewhere. Alright, maybe he saw it in a store display and it said 'take me home with you!' He couldn't resist. Again, silly kiddie valentine accompanies the gift. No conversation hearts, though. The bear is enough.

Itachi gets nothing. He's just special like that and oh-so-loved. Actually considered a rose with many thorns, or some such for some sort of irony's sake, but it really wasn't that clever, and was a tad too...silly, so Kakashi and I passed on it.
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[[posted early, just so I don't forget]]

OOC: HYUUGA HOUSEHOLD - Morning of February 10th

Obito will wake up to find a note on Kakahsi's pillow ("Happy Birthday, Obi."), and Snowball the kitten now sports a handsome blue vest with an Uchiha fan on the back (reminiscent of the vests Kakashi's dogs wear...except this one replaces the Henohenomoheji with the Uchiha fan). It may or may not be pleased with its new attire. There is also a new blanket in the kitten's corner to make it cozy.

The Household will discover the smell of burned chocolate cake in the kitchen, along with a few open windows in the community parts of the house (ie kitchen, dining room, livingroom, etc) in order to disperse the scent. The charred cake remains are in the trash and a mess of vanilla icing (which is actually quite tasty and well-made) is in a mixing bowl on the counter. The kitchen is otherwise spotless, exactly as Neji left it following dinner.

If asked, the culprit Kakashi will certainly NOT claim responsibility and will instead blame the burned cake on Neji, saying the Hyuuga 'must have been distracted momentarily by his fiance.'

A chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing and a single birthday candle in it will ninja-ly appear in the kitchen by mid-morning, to make up for the ruined cake. It literally has Obito's name on it, in orange icing.

After that, Kakashi's day will (unspokenly) be whatever Obito wants to do, within reason, which could include: a very light training session, playing with/training that darn cat of his, or going places around the safezone, etc.
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[Kakashi is holding one of his (now many) pornographic books, but it's the same old orange cover he's most known for having. He enjoys his favorites, after all. His voice is tired sounding, the usual boredom, and slightly curious as he looks over the cover to the PCD he's just turned on.]

Anyone happen to have a roll of duct-tape handy? I need enough to bind someone to a chair for a while. [He smiles slyly behind his mask.]
Mmm...Maybe even a little left over for his mouth, so he won't protest too much.

Oh, and Naruto...I've posted.  [A pause.]  ...Just so you know.

[[ooc: Take this as kinky as you want. In reality, Kakashi's miffed because Obito is trying to test the limits of his recovery by trying to stand, and Kashi's afraid his bestie will injure himself further. So he's threatened to tie Obito to his wheelchair. Or tape him, as the case may be.  I apologize, Naruto.  I don't think this is what you wanted when you asked your sensei to post, hm? >D]]
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[The sound of running over rooftops. Kakashi's voice is cool under pressure, though it's clear to anyone who has heard him in battle, this is more than just his usual calm reaction to things. There's a definite edge of fear to his voice if you listen for it, as clearly one of his precious people happens to be in danger of dying. But on the surface, he's firm and authoritative, a ninja formulating his plan of action and acting on it with a (hopefully) level head, as panic, worry...emotion should be kept out of things...]

Sakura, I'm going to require your assistance with Obito. He appears to be severely injured, lacerations, broken bones, possibly worse. His eye may be damaged. Grab your supplies and be prepared to meet me there. I'll get you the coordinates just as soon as Neji locates him. Be careful. It appears this place is more dangerous than usual out here. Buildings are disappearing...

[[ooc: I hope you don't mind, Sakura-mun... Um, sorry I didn't ask you while you were on. I actually didn't think of it much until we actually started on this incident...but as a teammate, she's a logical and trustworthy medical person for Kakashi to call upon.]]
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Well, Santa thinks I've been a good boy this year... Or maybe very naughty. Either way...thanks.


I wonder if you're all trying to tell me something, hm?

And guys, I promise to keep the porn in my room. Well, the new stuff, at least.

...Hm...I don't think I'm coming out for a while, actually...

OOC : Gift list. )
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[[ooc: Technically backdated to Saturday... Kakashi-mun was tardy due to a shopping trip and computer troubles. So pretend this was done Saturday sometime during the day?]]

[The PCD turns on upside down on the floor.  Someone picks it up, and the picture moves to take in the living-room of the HYUUGA HOUSEHOLD ((yes, I went there)) and a loudly squabbling Obito and Itachi, who, by the looks of things, are rather stuck to each other.  Kakashi's slightly younger voice is close to the PCD--he's holding it, and then sets it on the table.]

"Hey!  HEY!  What is your problem this time?"

[Obito stops mid-rant as though just realizing Kakashi was there, and glowers]

"Itachi's being an insufferable jerk-- as usual."

[Itachi looks unusually angry; visibly pissed, actually]

"You are being annoying, Obito. I merely had a simple request."

Chemistry 101 - Obito + Itachi + Kakashi = Explosion )

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[[ooc: Coming at you live from the era of legwarmers, spandex, and absurdly neon color combinations, I bring you none other than timewarp Kakashi. Kakashi's the quintessential 80s pop rebel kind of punk-ish teenager...something something *insert other vague and clique-ish terms here*. His gray hair is teased up nice and messily in a frizzy, heavily-hairsprayed version of his usual...whatever he calls that mess on his head. His clothes: a pair of faded (acid wash), fashionably-ripped, tight, denim jeans; a band tee-shirt (Van Halen); a denim jacket, worn open with sleeves rolled up half-way up his forearm; black All-Star Converse shoes; a pair of black, leather, fingerless gloves and some studded wristbands; and a pair of Ray-Bans, Aviator-style. Yes, he's supposed to be kind of reminiscent of his usual self... He’s a cool hip modern dude, amirite? Maybe not.
Mask is still in place.

His "theme" is this song. Because he keeps getting called "old", I thought it fit, even if he's not a housewife.]]

[Jump, by Van Halen, plays somewhat muffled in the background. The PCD focuses on the ceiling and bounces in time to a rhythm that sometimes matches the beat of the music…and then the PCD begins to slide...

Kakashi comes into view, the PCD below him on the bed. He’s playing air guitar and jumping/stumbling on the bed. The music is blaring from the headphones over his ears. At the appropriate time ("go ahead and jump!" in the lyrics), he takes a leap off the bed like a rock-star. The PCD's image bounces with him, and then settles slightly tilted on its side to give a view of the door.

Obito enters, grumpily and abruptly, through the bedroom door. Kakashi looks surprised to see him.

Obito: [eyes narrowed, frowning, slightly confused] ‘Kashi, were you jumping on the bed?!

Kakashi: [clearly cannot hear] WHAT?!

[Kakashi pulls the headphones back and lets them drop around his neck, turning off the Walkman. It's clear now he's chewing gum because you can hear it. Loudly.]

Obito: What the hell are you doing?

Kakashi: [answers with his usual dull attitude] Chill, dude.

Obito: [grumbles] What's with you?

[Kakashi pops the collar of his jacket. Obito squints at him skeptically and Kakashi just shrugs. The gum smacks as Kakashi cocks an eyebrow over his glasses.]

Obito: It's the event, huh?

Kakashi: Duh. [shoves his hands in his pockets, nonchalant] Pretty bitchin', right?

Obito: ...You going to act like that all week?

Kakashi: Uh...Guess so, yeah. Does that mean I'm still in the doghouse?

[Obito looks at him as if he cannot believe he’s talking to the real Kakashi here. He looks down at the PCD and notices the red light.]

Obito: Hey. You know this thing's on? [picks it up.]

Kakashi: I was trying to make a music video. Figured we could start an Adstring MTV. Awesome, right? Wanna be the camera guy?

[Obito turns off the feed.]

[[ooc: Kakashi will reply shortly, once his My Buddy Obito lets him off the hook.

HOUSEHOLD:  You probably heard the shaking caused by the bed being jumped on by a full-grown man.

EDIT:  ...As the WOPR/Joshua asks, "Want to play a game?"   Anyone up for a nice game of MASH?  Kidding, kidding.  Alright.  Only half-kidding.]]
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Naruto, would you be willing to spar with Obito this Friday? He needs to train with someone closer to his age. We can work on your training too, if you want. Or sit by the lake while I give him something to do. [strikes private to Naruto]

[ Private To Neji // Unhackable ]

Hm... I think there's an important event coming up on the 10th.
Can you come up with something like a cake (or ramen might do) by then?

And you're in charge of planning, invitations, whatever you do. I have no ideas. Maybe Obito can come up with games. He's good at parties.
But keep it to yourself.

And if anyone asks, this was your idea.

[ Private To Obito // Unhackable ]

I'll...tell you in person. But it's not really going to be training.

[[ooc: god, Kakashi. That's a boring excuse for distracting him. Somehow bonding time seemed like a good idea a second ago...]]
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[[ooc: I may be overplaying my hand here with this scene.*shrugs.* Kakashi only gets one voice from the past scene from me, and he hasn’t had a journal entry in a while, so I had to make it a whopper. Regardless, for those unfamiliar with the story of Naruto and/or Kakashi-Gaiden (back-story), this may be a mess. For those familiar, I hope this achieves its desired effect and is not nearly as clumsy as it sometimes felt when writing it.]]

[The view through the video feed of the PCD is as if down a darkened corridor with a bright light at the end, Kakashi’s form obscuring part of this, and it backlights his hair in an odd silhouette. Judging by the skewed perspective on Kakashi’s hand—seen reaching toward the camera—and on his face (which is looking faintly miffed down the “corridor” at the PCD), the device has fallen behind something and Kakashi has been thus far unsuccessful in his lackluster attempts to fish it out. Considering he hasn’t been trying hard to retrieve the device, one might guess the audio memories haven’t been playing long. Kakashi sighs and rests his forehead on the wall.]

[Against the backdrop of Kakashi’s frustration is the haunting echo of a baby crying. It sounds pained and lonely, crying out for a mother or father who is not there to hold it. Such a pitiful sound, relentless, as most babies’ cries, but this one sounds especially tortured…as if the soul is facing demons within.]

…Don’t know how much time has passed. All I know is that it feels like forever… )
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- Yondaime & Kakashi
[10 October 2008] Kakashi's present to Naruto (as ingame photograph).

- Kakashi
[?? ??? 2008] The infamous apron.
- Kakashi & Obito
[12 November 2008] Art of the "besties."


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