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[The PCD turns on as it finishes clattering to the cement floor of Kakashi's bedroom. It wobbles a little and lands facing up at the ceiling, the edge of Kakashi's bed in view. A moment later, a small face, pudgy, roundish, rosy-cheeks, unblemished skin, and a pair of matching dark eyes peer over the edge of the bed. His nose and mouth are hidden by the edge of the bed, but the gray hair is a pretty good indicator of who it is, despite the sudden differences in appearances. Kakashi is mentally and physically three years old.]


I broke it?

Dadda's gonna be not happy. [There's a certain familiar playful smile in those eyes, like someone knows he's in trouble and yet isn't~]
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[The voice is feminine, slightly higher than his usual, but still definitely that lazy, tired sound one associates with Kakashi. He/She's doesn't sound too thrilled with this prospect, but he/she is raising no hell about it either.]

Oh...I think I see what the fuss is about now.
I didn't even make fun of anyone.

One would think it'd be nice to be a woman. For obvious reasons.
[unamused] But the assets aren't as great as I thought they'd be.

[A long pause, then under his breath]

At least it isn't apparently that time of month.

[[ooc: If anyone sees Kakashi out and about as a girl--he's not hiding any more than he usually does, despite not exactly liking this change of form--he's a tall, thin-ish woman of light athletic build in her late twenties with her silvery hair in a ponytail, a shock of messy, triangular bangs that fall over the left eye. Her eyes have a hooded, sleepy quality to them and most of her face is still hidden in the mask. She's still dressed in something akin to a jounin costume--loose, dark blue shirt and baggy pants. No vest. It does nothing to show off her assets...however much or little she may have.]]


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