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Date: 2010-01-24 08:14 am (UTC)
[He noded along, listening, committing it to memory as he would a mission, since there will be no notes or scroll to accompany him on this mission. Thank goodness he didn't have Gai's sieve-like memory. Some of this he had put together from the comings and goings of past citizens of Adstringendum. Suigetsu's previous stay, for example, though the nature of that alliance had little confirmation.

The words got more difficult to hear, though Kakashi was not one to shy away from or turn off when things get tough. If anything, he became more attentive to what she was saying, watching as she paced.

They planned to assassinate Sasuke. ...It was chilling to hear, but as an ANBU, as a ninja of Konoha, he had kill-on-sight orders before. Former comrades, even. For Itachi, his ANBU kohai. He was more afraid for them, that they wouldn't succeed. Sasuke was dangerous, paranoid, like a cornered animal. He was highly trained. He would not be as calm or sparing as his brother, either, not even for Sakura. Kakashi had no idea what the mindset of Sasuke was by then, but he did not trust his own previous understanding of the Sasuke he knew, genin Sasuke.

If taking out Sasuke was anyone's responsibility, it was Kakashi's.]

And the second?
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