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As usual, I'm late doing this. But that's beside the point. I remembered it last night and, well...now it's up ^^

how's my driving?

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You know how this works <3 If you feel so inclined, have at it.

(Originally posted: October 15, 2008, 19:02)
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Gai, I don't know what we were doing that you rubbed them off on me--and I'm not sure I want to know--but you can come collect your excess sparkles anytime. Really.

If anyone needs me, I think I plan to stay indoors, so use the PCD.

And no, Maes, you cannot come over to see.
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[Private to Allies + Carmen // Unhackable ]

Has anyone seen Obito?
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[[Dated back to take place during this log at the very start of the event. Those familiar with Kakashi might notice he sounds ...off. *continues to edit this, sorry*]]

People of Adstringendum.

We are experiencing another event. You may meet people without memories, some identical to those you know, some even identical to those currently here.

[He puts some emphasis in his voice. This you all must know.] Exercise caution in speaking to them, as learning too much about their own lives or the lives of those closest to them may result in their death. Even names can be dangerous.

They will become extremely ill and then flicker out of existence. It does not even have to be much information.

So...be careful. Do not take this lightly.
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[ooc: Forward-dated to after the end of the event...because I'm too lazy/busy to wait until tomorrow. -- Cass, if you'd like to either backdate a log or handwave some interaction with the chibis, that'd be cool (though I understand if you don't want to/can't now). I'm sorry I got a little too busy and distracted to figure that plot out.]

[Kakashi is regular age again, complete with mask and usual attire. Even so, it's probably not hard to connect the dots that this was the toddler-ninja if you saw him at any point while he was three. Gray hair is kind of distinctive.]

Hey, kid with the pink cow. What's the height-limit on those rides? I don't suppose I could convince you I'm not going to get anything sticky this time, hm?

Shame some of you couldn't stay little and significantly less trouble to look out for... Though I guess it's for the best that genders are switched back. I hope you didn't scar your household too badly, Gai.

...Hopefully the Animus got that out of their system again for another year or so.
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[The PCD turns on as it finishes clattering to the cement floor of Kakashi's bedroom. It wobbles a little and lands facing up at the ceiling, the edge of Kakashi's bed in view. A moment later, a small face, pudgy, roundish, rosy-cheeks, unblemished skin, and a pair of matching dark eyes peer over the edge of the bed. His nose and mouth are hidden by the edge of the bed, but the gray hair is a pretty good indicator of who it is, despite the sudden differences in appearances. Kakashi is mentally and physically three years old.]


I broke it?

Dadda's gonna be not happy. [There's a certain familiar playful smile in those eyes, like someone knows he's in trouble and yet isn't~]
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[[Assume this post is posted the day of the second. It's still the first for ME, but assume it's May 2 ingame, sometime after realizing Visitors are gone.]]

[[Text // Unhackable // Private to Gai & Maes]]


Free for drinks tonight?
I'd like to introduce you two, and Gai, you still owe me a challenge.

- Kakashi
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Going to the movies now, if you kids want to come. Any takers?

They're showing something called "Some Like It Hot."

Sounds promising. >D

[[ooc: link is purely OOC. Just for reference for those who don't know/remember the movie.]]
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[The interior of Kakashi's apartment. The PCD is on the floor, and shows Kakashi standing by a wall, his back to the PCD. He finishes hanging a photograph. The wall is full of photos of people who have been here--some still here, some not. Many of the photos are ones taken by Maes at various events.]

[Kakashi turns to get another frame from the nearby table, and stops, noticing the PCD is on. He picks it up, turning it to look at the wall of images. Some are still hung up with tape, or a pin through their top. Others are framed.]

Being here a while, I've seen a lot of these faces come and go and come again...

[Pan over. A sigh. There's a picture of a whole Team Seven, minus Kakashi.]

Hm. I should get one of your whole team, too, Gai.

[Pause. With amusement.] Speaking of, maybe your household is inappropriately named by now, huh? The House of Youth, or House of Gai might be more appropriate.

And Anko's household could be the House of Girls?

[[ooc: Someone's mun has been tweaking the map again.]]
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So, how is everyone, hm? It sounds like I missed out on some holiday.

And does anyone want a pair of cats?
I assure you: they're 'adorable'.

[[ooc: No, they aren't really up for the taking. Kakashi's just...fed up with the cats. They torment his dog and rule the roost. And they hack up furballs on stuff.]]
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[Private to Neji / Unhackable / Viewable to Lee ]

Neji, I'm sorry for what was said.

It was an accident, and it looks like Gai is still clueless.

I know that doesn't mean anything since it was still said, but I am sorry.

I was just...trying to help Lee. It blew up spectacularly. But, please tell your sensei at some point soon. He deserves to know the truth, and from his own students, on purpose. He doesn't deserve to be lied to.

[[Following Roxas' journal]]
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I've found a new place.

I'll work on moving the cats and Shiori as soon as it seems safe for them. Until then, I'll be here, fixing it up. The animals are locked in my room, they have food and water, so they shouldn't bother the household.

If you need anything, drop me a line.

[Text | Private to members of the Hyuuga Households, Naruto, Jiraiya, Sasuke, Maes, & Known Allies | Unhackable]

New apartment is here: [x,y]

((ooc: it's in the same quadrant as the Hyuuga Households, but in the far south of the area, along the quadrant's border))
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[There are a couple awkward starts of dead air and static. Finally, there's a long pause and then Kakashi begins.]

Assuming this isn't going to be a week long fake-out where we're "sent home" only to come back here at the end of it all, I guess ...a little sentimentality can be ...indulged in. We might as well treat it like it's the real thing, and make plans like we'll be here a while longer.

So, if it's goodbye, then it's goodbye, Adstringendum. It's...been interesting.

And if it's not goodbye...well, it's still been interesting.

Private to :: Konoha Ninja )

Private to :: Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto )

Private to :: Neji, Lee and Tenten] )

Private to :: Kenpachi )

Private to :: Anko )

Private to :: Jiraiya )

Private to :: Maes )

Private to :: Carmen )

Private to :: Itachi )

Private to :: Alphonse )

Private to :: Neji & Anko )
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[The feed opens with boxes on Kakashi's bed. The sound of a fire crackles somewhere off a ways, like he's created a small one in a bin in his own room. Kakashi moves about, transferring books from his shelves into the boxes as one of the cats nosily peeks into the box and follows his movement. When Kakashi speaks, he's talking to himself.]

...need to find a carrier for you guys when this snow lets up...

...can't put away any clothes. I might need those.

[He glances at the PCD, and then does a short double-take.]

Hm. Figures...

[[ooc: Consider this to be near the end of the Truth event]]
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[["Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper" Fred Astaire.]]

[Kakashi fumbles with his tie. He looks down at the PCD he set into the open locker and frowns at the blinking red light.]

Does anyone happen to know how to tie a bow-tie?

[He sighs.]

This is ridiculous.
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Shiori and I are going out for a walk.
Let me know if you need me to pick up anything.

[Private to Neji/Unhackable]

We need to talk.

[Private to Tenten/Unhackable]

Now what happened tonight?
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[[ This post actually is meant to take place the night the event is ending, so consider it dated as tomorrow, Sat. the 14th. But I'm impatient. Sorry? ]]

[Kakashi's bedroom, formerly the one he shared with Obito. The PCD sits in a hamper of clothing at the end of the bed. Kakashi himself is reclined on the bed, dark circles around his visible eye as he looks to his left at a chair. No one sits in the chair, but he looks at it semi-interestedly, as if listening to someone1 speak.]

[Kakashi is relatively calm, but his usual tone is marked by something a bit frazzled and impatient, probably due to lack of sleep.]

Mm hm. I understand that sleep might do me some good...

[A pause. Then, dismissive, as his gaze flickers to the foot of the bed, to someone2 who supposedly is sitting there. No one is there.]

--No, I really don't care how un-youthful this is.

[A sigh. An eyeroll.] I'm not susceptible to challenges like you are. But... [He smiles beneath the mask and leans forward.] ...if you want me to sleep so badly, maybe you should find me something to sleep with...?

[He hears someone3 respond and raises a brow, turning his head quickly and following with his gaze as something only he can see moves beside him on the right.] I didn't mean...yeah, the bear is fine, Obi.

[He fondly picks up the bear he gifted Obito at Valentine's. Then, frowning slightly at the space on his right about shoulder-high--the height of a short thirteen year old boy...]

Don't give me that look.

...There's just no point trying to sleep if I can't...

[He shakes his head a few times as if disagreeing with someone, briefly putting up a hand as if to stop an impending Obito hug.]

No. No, I'm fine. And you can't make that promise. You won't be here when I wake up.

None of you will be. [He looks out past the hamper at someone4 and his hold on the bear tightens a little as he yawns.]

Right, Dad?

[[The first three you've seen before... 1: [Bad username or site: flash-of-yellow title= @ livejournal.com], aka Kakashi's sensei. 2: [Bad username or site: hotbloodedly title= @ livejournal.com], Kakashi's Rival. 3: [Bad username or site: live-memory title= @ livejournal.com], Kakashi's teammate. The fourth has never been here, and likely never will be (he's too minor a character to justify playing), but he's Hatake Sakumo, Kakashi's father.]]
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[Kakashi leaves a note for the household that he's going out for a walk.

When the PCD turns on, he's sitting alone at the graveyard; it's dark and cloudy overhead. The graves are all empty and the names are worn to anonymity, though it is clear they once bore names. Kakashi is alone, tracing the names on the headstone in front of him as if he can see the words. Maybe he's tracing other names, ones from a different stone, not present in this world, on which there were names he knew too well. He sighs, as if at the end of a failed attempt to find the words for something.]

It used to be so easy to talk like this...

[He shakes his head and settles back against the stone.]

Maybe I'll have something better for you tomorrow, hm? In the meantime, I'll just stay here, keep you company. No one's waiting up for me.


...I guess that means it's back to normal, then.
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[Private to Hyuuga Households 1 & 2; filtered from Anko | Unhackable]

Mm... four days...well, that's cutting it a little close.

I'm looking for volunteers for a mission. Top secret, very important, possibly dangerous, needs to be completed by the 24th of this month if at all possible.

I'll give you the details of it if you agree--I'd like to keep it to as few people knowing as possible.

[[ooc: Ok, so I am failing this month, sorry Naruto...I really, really suck at gifts, BUT Kakashi promised this one ages ago. Kind of. Maybe he didn't promise promise, but he will feel bad if she doesn't get one.]]


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