Apr. 8th, 2010

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[The interior of Kakashi's apartment. The PCD is on the floor, and shows Kakashi standing by a wall, his back to the PCD. He finishes hanging a photograph. The wall is full of photos of people who have been here--some still here, some not. Many of the photos are ones taken by Maes at various events.]

[Kakashi turns to get another frame from the nearby table, and stops, noticing the PCD is on. He picks it up, turning it to look at the wall of images. Some are still hung up with tape, or a pin through their top. Others are framed.]

Being here a while, I've seen a lot of these faces come and go and come again...

[Pan over. A sigh. There's a picture of a whole Team Seven, minus Kakashi.]

Hm. I should get one of your whole team, too, Gai.

[Pause. With amusement.] Speaking of, maybe your household is inappropriately named by now, huh? The House of Youth, or House of Gai might be more appropriate.

And Anko's household could be the House of Girls?

[[ooc: Someone's mun has been tweaking the map again.]]


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