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I've found a new place.

I'll work on moving the cats and Shiori as soon as it seems safe for them. Until then, I'll be here, fixing it up. The animals are locked in my room, they have food and water, so they shouldn't bother the household.

If you need anything, drop me a line.

[Text | Private to members of the Hyuuga Households, Naruto, Jiraiya, Sasuke, Maes, & Known Allies | Unhackable]

New apartment is here: [x,y]

((ooc: it's in the same quadrant as the Hyuuga Households, but in the far south of the area, along the quadrant's border))
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[PRIVATE TO Konoha Ninja and Suna Ninja // UNHACKABLE]

Kindly remember to use discretion in what you inform others of. We are ninja, after all. If you're spying, please don't talk about it on public filters--use a private, unhackable setup. If you need help with that setup, ask.

[PRIVATE TO Hughes, Minato, and anyone on the "Minato Community Squad" known to be unaffected by the event or in the body of a known ally // UNHACKABLE]

Sensei values the idea of community, and communities share and share alike, so, I'm providing you with information that may prove useful. I ask that you do the same, for myself and the others associated with this group. Due to the nature of this event, I have limited who I included in the filter.

And Alphonse, you may ask your friend the Colonel if he'll want to be included in future briefs.

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